Transforming Conflict through Group Conferencing

Melbourne Training Workshop

with David Moore & Alikki Vernon
August 25th – 27th 2021
University College, Melbourne

This workshop provides 3 days of training for professionals who are practising, or interested to practise, as facilitators in the field of conflict transformation and relationship management. The workshop is also valuable for managers responsible for policy development and for program administration in justice, health and education systems, and in work with families, work units, and residential &/or other communities.

This late-August workshop is the third and final 3-day Transforming Conflict training workshop scheduled at Melbourne University for 2021. However, we are planning a series of additional one day workshops at University College, Melbourne for November 2021. Each one-day workshop will deal with a specialist topic for experienced practitioners. Topics are likely to include preparation and follow-up, and dealing with complex cases in areas such as adolescent family violence. More information will be available soon.
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Restorative Community Conferencing Training for Schools

Training for Schools
with David Vinegrad
October 21st & 22nd  2021
Venue:  Veneto Club Bulleen

This 2 day workshop is ideal for people working in student management roles, Assistant Principals, Principals, student support staff and members of student wellbeing and behaviour management teams.

This will be delivered face 2 face and will convert to a webinar format if Covid 19 restrictions are reintroduced.
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Restorative Practices +

Kristy Elliott, Director of Restorative Pathways, is offering a professional development and coaching course over 6 weeks.

Every teacher can benefit from understanding and applying restorative approaches with students, colleagues and families, and can also benefit from receiving wellbeing coaching. This program will be of particular interest and benefit to educators with a wellbeing or pastoral role in their school.

Restorative Practices + is open to educators in all school settings.

Course commences July 22nd 2021
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