Apply for accreditation

To apply for Group Conference convenor accreditation, a convenor will need to have:

  • completed an appropriate core competency Group Conference convenor training;
  • prepared a written summary of four structured conversations. n.b. These conversations should be guided by the accreditation templates (Information on using these templates is provided below); &
  • completed the Accreditation Application form. 

Applicants need to complete and submit a total of 4 written summaries of conversations, guided by the accreditation templates.

Please access AARJ-Accreditation-Templates Download

These Templates provide a structure for reflective conversations with a colleague at the following stages of a convenor’s skill development:


guides a conversation after a convenor has observed a Group Conference run by a more experienced convenor;


guides a conversation after a convenor has been observed facilitating a Group Conference by a convenor who has already completed the Group Conference convenor training and mentoring process. This conversation should take place after the trainee convenor’s first or second YJGC;


guides a conversation after a convenor has been observed by a fellow convenor running a Group Conference after the convenor being observed as convened at least ten Group Conferences or been working in this area for one year of practice – whichever comes first;


guides a conversation between a convenor and a supervisor or assessor about the lessons the convenor has learned about restorative practice.

The written summary of all 4 reflective practice conversations should then be emailed to AARJ, along with the completed application form.

Please see AARJ-Accreditation-Application-Form-2020 Download

The written summaries will be reviewed by the AARJ accreditation sub-committee, who will prepare written feedback. 

A member of the AARJ accreditation sub-committee will then conduct a face-to-face, video-conference or phone interview with the applicant, to ensure that the key criteria have been met.  

This written and verbal advice from the member of the accreditation sub-committee will provide a learning experience for each convenor and support their ongoing development. It also helps to increase general standards of Group Conference convenor skill and competence.

The Accreditation Sub-Committee will aim to complete this assessment task as soon as possible after receiving the completed submission.

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