Accredited Convenors

We have listed convenors who have received accreditation through the AARJ Accreditation Scheme (please see Accreditation section on the website for more details about the Scheme).

Accredited convenors are listed according to their main area of practice. AARJ only provides the names and contact details of accredited convenors and does not act as a broker or advocate for the listed convenors.

Please note, AARJ does not take responsibility for the conduct of convenors, who must hold appropriate indemnity and liability insurance.

Restorative Justice and Restorative Practice programs convenors

Convenors listed below are working within existing programs and can be contacted via the details provided.

Genevieve Higgins

Manager Community Justice Programs:

Jesuit Social Services,

03 9421 7681

Katrina Robinson
Youth Justice Group Conference Convenor

Northeast Victoria
The Salvation Army | Australia

(03) 58 208 020

M: 0429 310 676

Consultant Convenors

Senior Convenors (15 years plus experience):

Margaret Armstrong

M: 0414 846 439

Area of Specialty: Education

John Lennox [based in Tasmania]

0435 029 900

Dr David B Moore [based in Victoria]

M: 0418 240 046

Area of Specialty: Workplace,Education, Justice, Policy

Margaret Thorsborne [based in Queensland]

M: 0412 135 015        

Area of Specialty: Education

Dr Alikki Vernon [based in Victoria]

M: 0434 585 416

Area of Specialty:  Workplace, Education, Justice, Health, Family

Dave Vinegrad [based in Victoria]

M: 0467 611 596

Area of Specialty: Education

Site to be completed shortly

Specialist Convenors

Angela Ballard

M: 0417 114 918

Area of Specialty: Workplace

Jen Hitchman

Area of Specialty: Family areas

Dallas Terlich
M: 0408 357 296

Area of Specialty: Justice